Family Down Time Beats Stress

Family life these days is something that is almost non-eImage result for Family Down Time Beats Stressxistent. Life is busy and quite stressful and there are often not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Time spent with your children or spouse catching up on the day’s events is limited to a few words while you wolf down a pre-cooked meal before heading to bed. Technology seems to have replaced what little time is left and seems to monopolise what would have been spent on a family conversation and bonding.

Leave The Tech Behind

A family retreat should be undertaken with all members on the same page. Technology which includes mobile phones, computers and television should be left behind in a bid to spend the time reconnecting with your family and bonding over activities designed to bring you closer together. Take up activities that bring you closer to nature and enjoy the simpler things like a hike through the natural wild or fishing at the lake. You will learn more about your children and spouse in one weekend than you could in months in your everyday life.

Fire Time Talks

Take time around the campfire in the evenings to gaze up at the starts that set the sky alight, roast some marshmallows and listen. Listen to the sounds that engulf the darkness and most importantly, listen to each other. Catch up on what’s happening in the lives of your children and your spouse. Enjoy and embrace these special moments because time marches on ever so quickly and soon your children will be adults in their own right. Benefit as a family from the fresh air, the activity and the togetherness and conversation that time away from the madness brings with it. Moments to be cherished and remembered for your whole life.