Far from the Madness, Retreat to a Haven

Holistic healing takes on an entirely new meaning just 90 minutes from CImage result for Detoxape Town in Greyton. High hopes Detox Retreats specialises in Detox Diets and Weight Loss Programs. Daily life is extremely busy and stresses can build up, depleting your energy levels and giving you a feeling over being run down. It is the lifestyle of today that promotes eating quick meals that are packed with fat and processed ingredients and that is not conducive to health or weight loss. The lack of exercise or the time to do physical activities is an unwelcome addition to lifestyles that are from designed with your well-being in mind.

Detox Your Way to a Slimmer You

A detox program can have life-changing results on your health and wellness. Greyton takes great care to source and purchases their fresh produce of vegetables and fruits from only the finest suppliers in the Cape. The detox juices created are unique and the blends achieve magnificent results. Ridding your body of toxins has telling effects on your body and your health. Relieve the symptoms of IBS and bloating, combat constipation, eradicate headaches and boost your energy levels considerably. The removal of toxins from the body promotes the loss of weight.

Personalise Treatment

At Greyton, nothing is random. Every program introduced is designed specifically for your individual needs. You age, gender and how to fit you all have a part in the program. For obvious reasons, the more vigorous, prolonged and intense the program, the more benefits will be felt. Simply being out of the madness of the city is enough to set you on a path to well-being. Aches and pains, blood pressure, anxiety, stress, digestive disorders and fatigue are some of the symptoms relieved through detox programs. Eliminate stress and the weight will drop off, that paired with body functions that will begin to work productively, will have you on the path to your goal weight in no time at all.